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  • Lien 1:30 pm on 04/12/2011 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
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    soundTrack request, with easy form! 

    same request for songs that go with your life/time/space, but now with an easy to submit form:

    PLEASE go to this site anytime/anywhere and submit a feeling you are experiencing and song that goes with it.
    If you’re in Union Square, please do this from there!


    making Drupal work for me…

  • Lien 10:34 pm on 04/11/2011 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
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    send me your soundTracks, please!! 

    I have an experiment, and I need your help!

    You can email/text me if you have that info, or otherwise just add a comment here :)

    When you’re at a place long enough to get a feeling, please send me the stuff listed below. You can do this as many times as you’re willing to, and if you pass through Union Square anytime today or in the next week, PLEASE try and write me:

    1. Place you are at (day/time if you can remember) ex. Union Square, Penn Station, Whole Foods, Gap, anywhere
    2. Feelings: 1-3 words that describe what you’re feeling
    3. Song that represents your mood at this time/place (name of song and artist if possible)
    4. *bonus* if you send a photo from the place at that moment (would love images but know it’s a lot to ask)

    I’m trying to build up playlists or soundtracks for spaces.

    I’m using Union Square as a constant since most of you pass through USq every day/few days, but I’ll take anything you guys want to send me.



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